my GROWTH story

Ashley Maltbia- Burgess has never shied away from a single challenge or opportunity to share the secrets of her growth. In every aspect of her life, whether supporting entrepreneurship in a completley new city, facilitating real estate & franchise purchases or simply living her own authentic & unapologetic truth, she is a woman to trust when she says... "I can and will help you GROW." After years of dedicating her personal research & investment into genuine, high quality hair nutrition education, Ashley is ready to share the secrets

to her awe inspiring natural crown! 

 MANE BY MALTBIA has continuously proven to show consistent, positive results for not just herself, but her business associates, family & closest friends over the years.

Adding this organic traction & growth to her

impressive resume has lead her to share this amazing blend of ingredients to us all!  AMEN!

Any and everyone interested in overall scalp health, hair quality & growth will be excited to know that

Mrs. Maltbia-Burgess not only personally oversees every aspect in the development of her brand, but she also continues to use this blend daily to achieve her desirable results.

Ashley has meticulously formulated planned in-depth market research and coupled  that with her unmatched commitment to turn this product into any hair lovers MUST HAVE. Ashley & her dedicated team provide ONLY the highest quality, uncut, all natural ingredients that actually work!  

So the only question she has for you is...

Are you ready to GROW? 

Mane By Maltbia
The Answer To Your Hair Prayers