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Black Owned Business Spotlight

Mane By Maltbia is proud to be featured in the Black Owned Business Spotlight on

The Gray Haired Goddess takes a deep dive into how MBM Hair Growth Accelerator nourished her curls!

Tati goes on to say "This lightweight oil, simulates the scalp, nourishes your hair follicles, and I have to mention that it smells SO GOOD, and I mean that!

My girlfriend actually tried it first, after leaving the beach one day, she applied the hair serum to her scalp and to the ends of her hair — I seriously could not stop smelling her locs. She loves it, so naturally I couldn’t wait to wash my hair and try it for myself. Once I did, I was blown away by the results and by the way it made my hair feel (super soft)! You can either apply this serum to your scalp, or on the ends of your hair to restore and retain moisture, while simultaneously stimulating your hair follicles."

Check out her full blog post at

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