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Can Monistat (Yes, That One) Regrow Your Edges?

According to celebrities like Toya Wright and Regina Hall, Monistat can be used as a hair regrowth treatment. Miconazole nitrate, the active ingredient in Monistat, is the latest trend in black hair.

The cream based product's anti-fungal properties are believed to stimulate hair growth by applying it directly to your scalp. We definitely have our reservations and think it's best to stick to all natural and organic hair growth remedies like MBM Liquid Gold .

Health officials have warned against the application of Monistat directly to the scalp as it may cause headaches and health issues that have yet to be studied. The latest development in the search for hair growth remedies is one that many might scoff at but we can't help but notice that the root of the issue remains the same: people want results. People want products that work but we must manage our expectations and practice patience when it comes to our hair. There is no substitute for quality products formulated specifically for the hair on your head and there is no replacement for the time it takes to grow the mane you desire.

We have spoken with several MBM beauties that have tried the Monistat treatment and the consensus is that it...."kinda works" but makes the hair grow in patches instead of even, healthy growth and that the cream "kinda smell weird" on the scalp. The jury is still out....

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